Welcome to Shooting Group of Kavala “SK.O.N.K”

Making a brief history of the creation of the Group,
mention that began in 1989 by a group of “Friends of Arms”
and friends together by hunting, that the establishment of SK.O.N. Kavala
He found a way to the realization of their dream “to deal with firearms-ribbed weapons”. Soul of this embodiment, Dimitris Sklavis, that from a teenager took part in shooting competitions across the country, as a shooter – a member of the TSER. Would omit if not mentioned here the pioneers of this movement: D. Sklavis, A. Athanasiou, Ap. Maroula, I. Roumeliotis, A. Sarafoudis, K. Tsiropoulos, C. Metzogiannakis, Chr. Delis, N. Botsas, St. Pagidis, N. Kokkinos etc etc.